Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Something to Crow About... maybe not

Finishing a painting in one session is difficult! Here is a quick little rooster I did yesterday to post for the Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days challenge at Leslie Saeta's blog. I'm not exactly satisfied with it, and I know I'll end up coming back to touch it up... but for now, it's a painting that was done in one day... Whew!

Colorful Rooster
8x10 oil on canvas board

A couple of years ago, I painted the rooster below. I like it much better, but I don't remember how much time I spent on it. The strokes are bold and free; maybe that's a technique I need to revisit. It's certainly a way to move a painting toward completion quickly.

"Something to Crow About"
8x10 oil on canvas
I hope you'll visit Leslie's blog to check out some of the other participating artists. I'm happy that I persuaded a painting friend to join in. You can see Jo's painting of her cute little dog, Wolf Man HERE. While you're visiting her website, check out the wonderful pencil and ink drawings too!


  1. Beautiful, bold colors in this fine rooster! Can't wait to see what you do next.

  2. Love the brushstrokes on this fellow.....what a handsome devil! Paint on!!!!