Thursday, January 24, 2013

Growth Chart Art

When my own children were growing up, we always lived in the same house. We knew we'd live there for years to come... and we still do! So we charted the height of each child on the closet wall. The evidence is still there to this day. 

But in today's transient society, families don't always spend decades in the same home. Therefore, a more mobile way of charting the growth of children is a good idea. I've made artwork into growth charts for two of my granddaughters. The growth chart is designed to be hung two feet off the floor. There are markings along the left side and parents can record the child's height and the date with a permanent marker used directly on the art. If they move to a new home, the chart easily relocates too.

24x36 oil on canvas
It currently resides on the wall of my granddaughter's playroom.

Functional and fun, huh?

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