Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What's Black and White and related to dairy?

Summer is a busy time for me with trips, gardening, and visits from grandchildren. I have had little time for painting, blogging, or even cooking! Right now I'm just beginning two new paintings. When I'm finished, I'll post them here. In the meantime, here's a painting of two Holstein babies.
"Holstein Calves"
24x24 oil on canvas
Holsteins are primarily for milk production; they're dairy cows. Since they're not beef cattle, Pa doesn't have any on our farms. Maybe because of the Chic Fil A cows, I think their black and white spots are pretty cute. I photographed this pair on a visit to Texas several years ago and finally found time to paint them!

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Speaking of black and white and dairy products, I made a terrific dessert last weekend... an ice cream sandwich cake. I filled a glass baking dish with a layer of ice cream sandwiches... the cookies 'n cream kind. Then I spread a layer of Cool Whip and sliced strawberries on top and drizzled them with chocolate syrup. Next was a second layer of ice cream sandwiches. I used a second tub of Cool Whip to cover the top and sides of the cake. Finally, I added more strawberries and chocolate syrup and put it in the freezer until I was ready to serve it. Delicious and so easy, I think it would be great with caramel topping and nuts too.

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  1. Oh my goodness, Peg - I will be taking that to the next pot luck picnic of the summer. I know that it will be the hit of the party!