Thursday, March 14, 2013

Where's the Beef?

Out strolling in Pa's field, of course! I finally finished my first painting from some photos I took of his colorful steers last fall. Then I went to the art store to buy another canvas for a second steer.
30x30 oil on canvas
So... there's beef in the field and on canvas, but it's also in my big blue Le Creuset pot. My daughter made these wonderful beef short ribs when I visited my new granddaughter. They were so good that I came home and made them for Pa. The recipe is easy. You simply brown the meat, add a few ingredients, and pop them in the oven on low heat so they cook slowly. Served over egg noodles, they are delicious! While they're cooking, I can paint another big steer!


  1. I love beef short ribs but I can never find ones with half way decent meet on the bones...and then they have that weird fatty thing that keeps them on the bone...Oh Peg now you have me hungry.....Love the cow picture by the way

  2. What a sweet painting, Peg!
    You know, I have never cooked short ribs, but now you have made me hungry! I'm working on the mainland this week so I can't cook - but I'll bet I can find a place that serves ribs.
    I am going to put you on my sidebar so I don't miss your posts!