Sunday, September 22, 2013

Artist by Association

Over the past weekend, several members of my art class were featured in the Artist by Association fine art show in Nashville. The artwork they exhibited was outstanding! Even though we paint side by side each week, seeing their finished and beautifully framed paintings and drawings was inspiring to me.

Here's Jimmie with her goats on a haystack. She told me she saw them by the side of the road and made her husband stop the car so she could take a picture!

Saundra does wonderfully detailed pencil drawings. I especially admire her ability to draw, something I've been reluctant to try.

Jo does both drawing and oil painting. This horse is one of my favorites. She painted it on board and used a technique called glazing with more than 40 coats!

Laura has serious eye problems. Even though she can no longer drive, she continues to paint so beautifully. These apples were on a tree in her back yard.

I hope you enjoy some of their art below. I wish I had better photos to share, but I only took my iPhone to the exhibit!

The show was wonderful and I am so proud of their effort! I'm also thrilled that I get to paint with such talented artists. I hope a little of their technique and skill rubs off on me in class. Maybe I'll become an "artist by associating" with them!!


  1. What fabulous art work....did all these women just recently begin to take art's amazing...that horse painting with the glaze is favorite....which one was yours??

  2. Well, Peg, you ARE an artist!
    I enjoyed looking at the work of your artist friends. It made me wish for a creative outlet, and to have a chance to look at art. I think that might sound odd, but I spend my working life looking at things that aren't beautiful and looking at the paintings just made me feel good!